Madam Maya

Sleep did not ring at my door
Yet the cry of that small creature
Mr. Mockingbird
Singing In the topside of an ancient tree
Just close enough
Outside my front window.
Screaming sweet stories
A note? Yes a melodic note
But a note of historic writings
In the wrapping of that one bird
A Tweet, one might say
Came the voice of
Maya, Madam Maya
Speaking to me
And only me
“Dana…Dana Gravley
Get your sweaty , liver-spotted self
Busy tonight, not the morrow.
You too can become The Legend
A legend of words
Dana, right now
Write now
Let small words shout
Let giant words whisper!
From the Carolina valleys
To the roar of Ireland’s shores
Put your night voices to paper
Put your prayers and pride
Upon the shoulders of eternity
…Mr. Mockingbird is singing
O’re her grave

copyright 2014


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