No Man Or Woman Stands Alone

John Donne penned the famous “No Man is an Island” poem as a part of a sermon in the 1600’s. I guess because it was a popular choral tune for school programs in the 1960’s, I have always liked Joan Baez’s rendition of this thought. Her first two stanzas go like this: No man isContinue reading “No Man Or Woman Stands Alone”


Are You a Potato, or a Rutabaga?

In my 60 years, I think I may have eaten one whole rutabaga…If you add up all the bites. I guess I think of it as an “old-fashioned” vegetable that Mama Runion, Mama Gravley, Memon (My wife’s mom,) or my mom would find as a treasure if someone gave them some. They would dream upContinue reading “Are You a Potato, or a Rutabaga?”