I took the Road

Walking down the road those days, looking for the easy ways,
I found there’s no give-aways, only dirt to dig.
Looking  for the only one, looking for the love and fun.
Wishing for some race to run, wishing I was big.

Dreaming up the world I’d see, Looking for that harmony
I saw thing’s that weren’t for free, only steps to climb
Looking for someone to hold, looking for escape from cold
Thinking I’d never grow old, heading down the line.

I took the road that Robert Frost said take,
The one that’s less traveled. The one without heartbreak.
I took the road that artists paint so clear
The one with all the rainbows and very few dark tears.
I took the road that led me to you my friend
So take these last miles with me,
This road, This road will never end.


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