Flowers Popping Up!

South Carolina is abloom with some early bulbs popping up. Spring is knocking early after a bitterly cold spell with some surprise snow and ice..

..and I am slowly springing up as I heal from surgery.

I had over 1/2 of my left lung removed exactly three weeks ago. It was extremely painful and I had some nightmare experiences from the healing and drugs.

God is good though!

The surgeon removed what was the largest of three neuroendocrine tumors I was found to have. These are quite rare,  but have recently been in the news as Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computers had to take sick leave for the same diagnosis.

I remember a childhood friend of mine died in about 1959 from a a very rare brain tumor. He was my neighbor and I had trouble understanding cancer and how it could snuff out the life of a boy my age.

Now at age 60, I have quite a long list of friends, co-workers, and family members who have been victims to cancer’s often evil outcome.

I believe God has further plans for me. Maybe as a reader-responder to this blog, you may have some influence on what my future holds.


GALATIANS 3:5  Does God give you the Spirit and work miracles among you because you follow the law? No, he does these things because you heard the Good News and believed it.


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